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  • The size of the product in the diagram is DN1200, the company can also achieve DN1500 and slightly larger size.

  • Clean parts must be kept sealed for installation.Requirements for the installation process are as follows:1. The installation workshop must be clean, or a temporary clean area should be built, such as newly purchased color strips or plastic film, to prevent dust from entering during the installation process.2, assembly workers must wear clean cotton work clothes, the head wear a pure cotton cap, h...

  • The delivery cycle will vary depending on the quantity of the actual order.For example, the company can assemble about 1000 valves of DN100 size every day.

  • The outbreak of covid-19 had little impact on the company's export business, because the company's customers are long-term cooperation for many years, and the role of valves in industrial construction cannot be replaced, orders will be delayed, but will not be absent.

  • Due to the different sizes of valves, it is difficult to assess the specific amount of assembly in a single day. For example, with the minimum DN50, about 1500 units can be assembled every day.

  • 1. High credibility of the manufacturer.From the perspective of the use position of the valve, the valve of the quality and performance is critical, and only creditworthiness high valve manufacturer to ensure the product quality standard, so as to produce nuts customer trust of the valve, and the manufacturer to establish credibility is not easy, it requires not only the valve manufacturer to cons...